Saturday, August 7, 2010

Potty Training Parakeets soon

   Wow I get to potty train my parakeets soon(sounds gross right well actually it's kinda fun) IF I'm succesful I'll post and tell ya exatly how i did it. By the way if ther's is anyone that like's American girl dolls I know like reading a blog about them here's a link to it: see ya later

Welome to Bird Banaza

   This is my first post so forgive the mistakes.

  Welcome to Bird Banaza it's all about birds.I decided to start this because I have two pet birds Charlie and Wendy.Now if your thinking of getting a pet bird be verry sure that you want one because they are a HUGE commitment the smaller birds can live 20-30 yrs but bigger ones can live 50 yrs so make sure you want one. I will besure to update and let you know whats been happin' with my parakeet so come back weekly to check it out at